Telemagic - and nothing but! For years now, we at Software Dimensions have specialised in only one thing: TeleMagic! With our many years experience, we can help you get the most out of this robust and flexible contact manager. Our add-on software like Hot Buttons and Dynamic Filters makes TeleMagic even more powerful! And our custom routines like Report Manager, Group Add, Screen Jump, Fast Lookup, and Mass Export will make TeleMagic look like it was built to your own specifications! Your search for the ideal contact manager is over. Contact us today and we will show you why! New!! Outlook Magic TeleMagic and Outlook 2003 together for the first time. Logs Outlook 2003 emails to Telemagic Contacts. Outgoing and Incoming Create Activity record and/or Notepad Stamp Works even when TeleMagic is closed It's automatic - no user effort Build emails in Outlook - use any feature like HTML Send with TeleMagic email icon or directly from Outlook 2003 Send Mass emails using telemagic filters and field merge It's a real COM Add-In - no security issues Works with TeleMagic V4 or V5 Go to the download page to get a trial copy.

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